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 Bespoke Clothes for Family Portraits

 what a great idea

To capture the precious moments of a young family, many people will opt to have professional family photos done. A photographer is always going to... Read More

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 1 2 3 Fittings

 whatever it takes

When you are having bespoke clothes made, it may take quite a few fittings to get everything perfect. Maybe you have a vision of how you want... Read More

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 The Finished Product

 this makes a huge difference on the look

There are a lot of tailors in Chiangmai and of course in Thailand as a whole. There are suits and dresses that can be made for crazy low prices. It... Read More

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 Can Bespoke Clothes Change Your Life

 they just might

While you probably will not end up in a mansion or have the love of your life standing in front of you when you get your finished bespoke garments,... Read More

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 Bespoke Tailoring

 clothes that fit your body type

Getting deep into the heart of fashion, there are clothing lines you may love but a lot of their clothes do not fit you right. Even if they are the... Read More

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 3 Different Suits

 off the rack vs ready to wear vs bespoke

The three types of suit a man can choose from include off the rack, ready to wear, and bespoke. We are going to give you the run down of the pros and... Read More

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 Dash and His Many Suits

 he is kind of famous

James Patterson, also known as Dash in the gaming world came to Thailand after a lot of anticipation. Anyone coming from North America knows that... Read More

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 Golden Customer Service

 we treat you like family

At Thai Custom Tailors, not only do we masterfully create bespoke garments, we take care of our customers. We are going to spend a lot of time... Read More

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 Bespoke Suits for Less

 see what customers are saying

We have laid out many of the benefits we believe matter to customers. We strive to give people the best experience when having bespoke garments made.... Read More

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 Charles from France

 a local expat

Not only do tourists visiting Chiangmai need suits made, there are also locals living in Chiangmai that go with bespoke suits. This is especially... Read More

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 How Much Is That Suit in the Window?

 being inspired by the tailors design

Chris from New York had a bespoke suit made at Thai Custom Tailors. He did not have his own inspiration at the time. In fact, he was just walking by... Read More

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 Meticulous Work In a Bespoke Suit

 every detail counts

It may be hard to think of spending western prices on bespoke garments in Thailand. Sure, you can buy a pair of light cotton pants for less than $10... Read More

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 Having Bespoke Women's Clothing Made

 a great bonding experience

What better way to celebrate a holiday with your gal friends than having bespoke dresses made. It is a fun way to go clothes shopping and a great... Read More

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 Thai Custom Tailors Charitable Donations

 10% of our revenue goes to Burmese children

One of the things that we pride ourselves in at Thai Custom Tailors is our involvement in Metta Charity. Johny, the shop owner and face of Thai... Read More

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 Casual Bespoke

 just one more thing we can do

You might that bespoke is reserved strictly for suits. Not true. We can make bespoke outfits you can wear on a daily basis. They give you a sharp... Read More

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 The Difference Between Made to Measure and Bespoke Tailoring

 what you get when you go with bespoke

There is a difference between made to measure and bespoke tailoring. Made to measure is also known as MTM. It is still a better option than getting... Read More

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 Couples Bespoke Tailoring

 for any occasion

There are certain events in your life where a couple will need to coordinate their outfits. I mean, you never want to clash but for things like a... Read More

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 Bespoke Tailoring for Women

 we can do it all

In our blogs, we have put a lot of emphasis on mens bespoke suits. So maybe you did not know that we can create beautiful garments for women too. We... Read More

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 Tailor Made Wedding Dresses

 Yes, we do that

We talk a lot about the tailor made mens suits we create here in Chiangmai. What you may not know is that we can tailor anything you want. Yes, even... Read More

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 Women's Bespoke Dresses

 Made just for you

We talk a lot about mens bespoke suits but actually, there is no limit to what we can create. We have beautiful materials to create spectacular... Read More

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 Customers That Jump For Joy

 ...and dance a little

At Thai Custom Tailors, we usually have some music in the background. It provides a warm and welcoming environment. It also makes a lot of our... Read More

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 Brett with REI

 another customer happy about their bespoke suit

Brett from REI Two of our customers had flown into Chiangmai for a week while doing an REI tour. They were happy to know they could have a suit... Read More

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 Casual Suits

 how to bring a look together

There is a term known as ???casual suiting.??? It might seem like a bit of a contradiction. How can you wear a suit but look casual? The business or... Read More

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 What to Wear During Travels

 fashion forward cities

No matter where you go in the world, there is always a great wardrobe you can bring along with you. If you are in Asia, you may want to consider... Read More

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 Wearing Checks

 tips on choosing the best pattern

Checks are a commanding pattern that you can incorporate into your outfits. While they do not exactly fit into the norm within the business world,... Read More

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 Dressing for Cold Weather

 materials to keep you warm

When summer ends, one of the things you can look forward to is dressing for cooler weather. There are many great accessories and colors that go with... Read More

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 The Illusion of a Slimmer You

 how a bespoke suit can make you look slimmer

Bespoke tailoring is widely known as the classiest version of clothes. It is for good reason. It is meant for you and you alone. Tailored to your... Read More

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 How These Summer Fabrics are Made

 silk and linen production

In warm weather, the standard wool suits are going to make you uncomfortable. It is better to wear fabrics that keep you cool. They are more... Read More

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 What Every Businessman Should Wear

 10 essentials in your wardrobe

It is important to have certain pieces so that you can look professional in the office. You do not want to have to spend a lot of money on many... Read More

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 Our Favorite Suits

 from epic movies

Suits can make a man have a certain distinction. Along with the music and a suit, a man does not have to say a thing for you to know what he is all... Read More

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 Tips on Maintaining Your Suit

 so it lasts longer

If you have had a bespoke suit made, you want it to last for every occasion in your life. While a tailor in Thailand will give you excellent value... Read More

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 Being the Groom

 options for your wedding attire

If you are getting married, you will want to have a suit for the occasion of course. Even if it is a casual wedding, you deserve to have bespoke... Read More

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 Your Bespoke Suit

 also your stylist

Having a bespoke tailor make your suit is one of the best investments you can make. A few new suits can change your whole look in a positive way.... Read More

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 Suit Linings

 a bespoke tailors advice

The beauty of having bespoke suits made for you is that you have choices for every part of the garment. This includes the lining of your suit. You... Read More

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 Suits for Women

 how to rock it

There is an upward trend where women are wearing suits. There have long been distinctive suits by Chanel for the socialite, but it is hitting a more... Read More

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 Being a Gentleman

 what it means

Gentleman is actually a word of distinction. It derives from the French word gentilhomme, which indicates someone born into nobility. It is actually... Read More

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 What to Wear When Weather Transitions

 Spring and Autumn wear

If you live in an area of the world where you have a true Spring and Autumn, you know how quickly the weather and temperature can change. You want to... Read More

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 What to Wear to a Job Interview

 to make a great first impression

It is a common phrase to ???dress for success??. What you wear says a lot about you. Wearing something to a job interview that makes you feel good... Read More

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 Making a Good First Impression on a Date

 What you should wear

When it comes to first impressions and dating, it really does matter how you look. Of course, you have to act properly too but how you look is the... Read More

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 Keeping Your Ties Looking Great

 How to Maintain Your Ties

Neckties are a staple to any gentlemans closet. It changes your casual look into something a little more upscale. They can last a lifetime, but you... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Your Tie

 What's the Right Width For Your Body?

A tie is just an accent to your bespoke suit but it can be a game changer on how the outfit comes together. There have been many trends when it comes... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Ordering Work Uniforms

 Things to Consider

Getting work uniforms for your team is a great investment. They help you with brand recognition and makes everyone look effortlessly sharp in the... Read More

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 The Luxury Material

Cashmere has been in use for clothing for a long time. It has only been fairly recently that it became well-known in fashion. It is a luxury fabric... Read More

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 Tailored Seperates

 Everything you need to know

One of the benefits of bespoke separates is that you can create a lot of different outfits and looks with them. You have got the suit as your core... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Reasons Most Men Decide to Get a Tailored Suit Made

 ...and why you should too

For many generations, a tailor-made suit has been seen as luxurious. In fact, still today, there is the idea that unless you are rich, you will not... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Avoid These Things When It Comes to a Suit

 Make an impression, not a mistake

When you dress up in a suit, it is probably for good reason and you are likely hoping to have some positive attention come your way. Whether it is an... Read More

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 Having a Bespoke Suit Made

 Getting the Most Out of the Experience

A bespoke suit is flattering, classy, made just for you, and will show. There is a sense of quality and refinement when you have a suit made for you.... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Top Reasons Every Man Should Have a Bespoke Suit

 Benefits of a suit tailor made for you

A bespoke suit says a lot about a man. You might think it is going to cost too much but this is not always the case. A knowledgeable and experienced... Read More

Custom Tailor

 The Suit for the Athletic Man

 Tailor made suits for bigger guys

The Right Suit for the Athletic Man Men with athletic physiques look great in clothes that fit them right. This is the challenge when it comes to... Read More

Custom Tailor

 A Custom Made Suit

 It???s in the Details

If you???re having a tailor made suit created for you, congratulations. A suit made just for you based on color, fabric, and design makes so much... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Choosing the Right Material for Your Dress Shirt

 Find out what material options are out there for your dress shirt

A dress shirt is one of the most important parts of your wardrobe. You can wear it with jeans, with a suit, or with a suit, tie, and dress pants. It... Read More

Custom Tailor

 The Best Suit for Your Body Type

 No matter what your body is like, there is a suit for you

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to having a bespoke suit made for you. You might have an idea of what colors you like and you are... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Tips on Choosing a Suit To Make You Look Taller

 Custom made suits can help you look taller than you are

Not all men have the luxury of being six feet taller or more. While you can???t change your height, there are ways you can make yourself look taller... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Choosing the Right Suit Pattern

 A suit with a pattern, is it for you?

The great thing about having a bespoke suit made for you is that you can choose all the elements. You get the right fit, buttons of your life, design... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Guide to Wearing a White Suit

 Things to consider when wearing a white suit

There are plenty of men that like the idea of wearing a white suit for specific engagements. Maybe it is a summer dinner party or a get together on a... Read More

Custom Tailor

 How to Maximize Your Suits

 Only have a few suits? This is how you can change your look every day

When you are required to wear a suit to work, it is hard to fill those five days at the office with just a few suits. There are some easy ways you... Read More

Custom Tailor

 A Guide on How Tailor-Made Garments Should Fit

 What is your best fit? Find out what it means and what's right for you

A lot of people that think of bespoke garments for men may have this idea that they should be tight. While it may work with some body types and... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Why A Linen Suit Is So Great for Summer

 Linen suits for men will keep you cool this summer

When it comes to a tailored suit that is made just for you, you might not think of Linen as a first choice. However, if you are dressing up for... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Advice from a Thai Tailor on How to Wear a Blazer

 blazer for men and the distinct history

The blazer comes from distinction in England. They were so named because of a rowing club in Cambridge back in the early 1800s. The rowing club there... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Stylish Wear for an Outdoor Event

 Summer party or garden party men's suit wear options

Going to an outdoor event like a garden party allows you to do dress up casual. It could be a barbecue, a rooftop event, or just a summer party with... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Collar Guide for Dress Shirts

 Everything you need to know about collars on a men's dress shirt

Did you know your shirt collar can bring out the best in your natural features? This is how a suit can dress to impress. You might not think much... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Rolling Up Your Sleeves the Right Way

 This is how you roll up your sleeves on a dress shirt

Its fun to give yourself the casual, dressed up look by rolling up the sleeves of your dress shirt. If you do it wrong, it just causes wrinkles in... Read More

Custom Tailor

 White Jeans and Summer

 Pairs that go well together

So you find yourself out of your typical denims and tees, all are in the washer and you have nothing left but a pair of white jeans. If you think... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Three shirts men would need in

 their closet

The fashion industry, never gets dull. Once in a while, what???s trending now may not be in a month???s time. If you???re the type of guy that likes... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Buying a suit online

 How to have the best experience out of it

People adapt to survive. With the changing trend of the world and how we rely on the use of technology, it???s no longer an odd thing to do... Read More

Custom Tailor

 A quick slide into

 the workplace

They say being fashionable should never be a pain. Being comfortable is a paramount to being fashionable, some would add. However, a rising curiosity... Read More

Custom Tailor

 A practical guide on

 how to wear shirts for summer

When you???re wondering when is the perfect time flaunt your style, there???s no better season than to think about than summer. The perfect sunshine... Read More

Custom Tailor

 Suit Care

 Everything You Need To Know

A correctly fitted suit can make any man feel ready to take on the world. There???s no denying that buying a suit can sometimes feel like a minefield... Read More

Custom Tailor


 Cloth and thread count explained

Deciding what fabrics is best when it comes to buying a suit is important and complicated. The fact of the matter is, suits symbolism sophistication... Read More


Thai tailor has been one of the most respected names in custom tailored clothing, identified with superior fabrics, hand tailoring, and quality.


Our suits and shirts are handcrafted using only 100% natural fabrics. We utilize techniques, blend tradition with modern technology to deliver the best.


We are happy to say that we carry some of the finest Suiting, Sports Jackets, Overcoats and Shirting fabrics in the world.

"If you want to create your own sense of style, your own refelction into your cloths, thai custom tailors are the right choice for you !!!"